Climate Change

Why I'm into Climate Change

  • Easy. This is the most important issue facing all people and living things on the planet
    • Would be impossible for me to do nothing
  • Why is climate change so important?
    • Climate change has the potential to cause vase ecological damage, humand suffering, and social/economic upheaval

What I'm Trying to Do

  • I obviously can't tackle the issue myself so I do what I can
  • Scientists and communication specialists tell us the best way for ordinary people to help address climate change is to talk about it

Climate Change Chat for Realists

  • What is it?
    • Curently, it's a livestream
      • Twitch
      • YouTube
      • Looking into doing Facebook in the future
    • I do live interviews with people
      • Who do you interview?
        • Anyone doing anything interesting about climate change
  • Status or project
    • On brief hiatus while I tend to other things
      • Hope to be back by mid-Feb 2022

Guest list to date

  • Dr. Gerald Kutney
  • Dr. Gale Sinatra
  • Dr. John Cook
  • Dr. Ken Rice

Other Climate Change Projects

  • I'm the guy behind the Tony Heller Exposed blog
  • It's a parody site of a famous climate change denier
  • Had a lot of fun with it
  • Don't maintain it anymore
Last updated: March 11, 2022 1:26 AM
First published: January 29, 2022