My "Note Stream"

A streaming diary of rather random stuff I'm taking notes on to keep track of shit. I can dump notes from here and organize them later into the website if they warrant it. These notes are mostly for me but feel free to take a peek from time to time to see what I'm up to.




  • Two different shootings yesterday that caused chaos
    • both at 4th of July events
      • one outside of Chicago
      • the other in Philadelphia


  • worked on a Raku tutorial notes/raku/Cool-Raku.html





  • getting this rolling again
  • got caught up on github notificationg
  • re-installed some raku modules
  • check taskwarrior server still works
  • set netgear router to work in AP mode to free up a port
    • can now plug into WAN
  • slow wifi problems
    • seems work fine on speed test
    • sean says it's dropping out on facetime calls
    • netgear router
      • password in lastpass works







  • lots of taskwarrior configuration and troubleshooting last couple of days
    • see taskwarrior notes


copying file from remote server that you don't have permissions for

  • typically, you'd use scp command to copy a fie
  • but if credentials you are using for ssh don't have permission to copy, use rsync
    • rsync --rsync-path="sudo rsync" <LOCALFILE> USER@SERVER2:/root


no way to wrap plain text for outgoing mail in Apple mail

annoying zsh problem

jon stewart gets panned on his piece on fossil fuels company

workin' more

  • lara logan is a nutjob
  • working on improving integration of TW with vimwiki and projec portals
  • more tweaking of scripts
  • working with TW contexts
    • found a way to create contexts for different shells
      • easier than switching betwen vimwiki files with tasks by client
      • see TW notes


Raku: rewriting for loops

  • upgraded apples devices
    • universal control is here
    • upgrading my 5 main computing devices simultaneously
      • this is what I do for fun
    • let's hope universal control doesn't break synergy

40 million pixels of screen space now at my fingertips

  • can never have enough
    • but I think I got at least 90% of what I need
  • got m1 on synergy
    • going to use it primarily for messaging apps
      • use 4 regularly
        • discord
        • skype
        • messages
        • messenger
  • ipad now controlled via universal control
    • seems a bit buggy
      • m1 would frequently disappear
    • no hot keys to switch between screens

possible to upgrqde late 2014 imac to monterey?

a question I posed on SO

workin' workin'

  • worked more hours on set configuration scripts for client portals


WW III is looking more possible with every passing day

  • really not good
  • Russia now looking for weapons from China
  • Russia threatening to nationalize companies that pull out

working on automation tasks today

  • mostly for getting new clients set up with portals
  • got a lot done, pretty much all I did

need to find an easy way to add images to vimwiki

  • need to resize images
  • this is a test image


cleaned up task list

  • got rid of a lot of stale tasks from taskwarrior

small problems/annoyances with taskwarrior completion

need to theme the task id numbers

  • another job for the raku post processor

added a way to inject output of tree command into file

function! ListFiles()
    let path = expand('%:p:h') . '/files'
    let out = '# Files' . "\n" . '<ul><div class="file-listing">'
    let html = system("tree -nDhH files" . ' ' . path)
    let html = substitute(html, '<.*Tree</h1><p>', '', 'g')
    let html = substitute(html, '\s<hr>.*</html>', '', 'g')
    let html = html . '</div></ul>'

    :put =(out . html)
way to suppress css?
  • done with vimscript in function
  • css added to css/style.css file

client portals

  • building private one-page portals for client to share information with them about the status of projects
  • mostly one-way now
    • will add more two-way communication later
      • upload files
      • asking questions
      • adding tasks
  • password protected
  • need to write server-side script to automate getting them set up

choosing files with vimwiki

  • seems broken with current config
  • setting up clean nvim config to test


Got taskwarrior working

  • seems to have crashed
  • certificate was also expired
  • will be used more as part of the new client portal feature I'm building

Problems embedding youtube vids with time codes

  • need to parse out the time argument in query string
    • then modify embed code with it
    • check examples on youtube
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    • query string key gets changed to "start" followed by number of seconds for value

Password protection of directories

  • set up site with basic auth to password protect directories
  • needed to add in apached authz_groupfile module
  • clients will be able to see the content in their that I've posted but will be restricted from navigating to other directories

Early CO₂ experiment from the 1850s

Possible to mirror tmux pane in another window?

What is good acting?

  • an amateur, non-actor's take
    • so why am I watching this?
      • clickbait works

On the term "note stream"

adding "Notes" to menu

  • good progress tonight on the site
    • and for the last week
  • feeling I can relax on this project a bit and work on something else

Listening music while I code my site tonight


having issues with disply of youtube videos with note headers

  • showing up as raw html wrapped in a <pre> tag
  • probably will require more modifications to raku post processor script
    • put youtube videos in a bulleted list
      • look for iframe element in a bullet
      • add class to parent bullet
      • modify css to remove bullets for li items in that class
    • the above did the trick

old/new imacs connected well through ethernet

  • having issues with disply of youtube videos with note headers
    • showing up as raw html in a <pre> tag
    • probably will require more modifications to raku post processor script
  • faster transfer speeds
  • can also be used to stream audio from 2020 to 2014
    • using audio hijack/loopback (see below)

2014 imac software installs

  • vlc, via homebrew
  • audio hijack
  • loopback

moved tech notes to their own folder

  • Is there any good reason to separate snips from notes?
    • I may just fold them into the notes.
    • Even better by may to have them get copied out automatically from notes file and then separated out into separate files automatically.

set up streaming between 2020 imac and 2014

  • using audio hijack/loopback
  • I can now use dictation using a high-quality mic which gets streamed over via ethernet to the old iMac

this guy has a site pretty similar to mine:

Jon Steward interview Shell CEO

  • first interesting thing I've seen Jon do on his new show
    • I haven't watched the show at all

Reaction to new mac Studio

set up private part of climate change chat website for private notes

  • "private" directory set up as a git submodule
  • directory on server is password protected with apache auth_basic

investigating why old mac crashes at high resolutions


battled a lot today wem crashes on imac 2014

  • having kernel panic every 15 min or so
  • pram reset seems to have finally fixed the issue
    • nope, still happening
  • crashes not happening in safe mode
    • screen res is lower in safe mode
      • maybe part of the problem
    • think I need a technician to look at this
  • does not seem to crash at lower screen resolutions when not in safe mod
    • indicates a problem with the gpu?

power to chernobyl plant cut off

  • only 48 hours of fuel left on backup generators
  • Ukrainian official claims there is grave risk of radiation leak
  • IAEA, a UN body of atomic scientists, says there is no reason for alarm
  • Ukrainian utility company says there is a danger

debug of responsive issue with this website

switched over to Barrier

  • open source version of Synergy
  • they are the same piece of software
  • both pretty buggy and not user friendly
  • but Barrier is free
  • will ask for a refund for synergy

debugged a problem where I was losing ctrl-j/k functionality on client computer with Barrier


more notes on my new computing setup (imac 2020/2014 combo)

  • things seems to be faster when primary machine is not on wifi
  • connected directly to router
  • may break handoff though?
    • nope, still works
  • so far, use it for notes
    • ssh into primary
      • attach to an existing tmux session
      • don't have to worry about managing config files
      • commands issued on client machine get played out on primary machine
  • frees up a lot of real estate
  • use f13/f14 hotkeys to toggle betwen machines
    • bit of a reach but:
      • just a single key press
      • can easily feel way to the correct key
      • swiching between two different apps now just takes one keystroke
      • nice side benefit
  • my main programming machine is now right in front of me instead of off to the side
  • there is a slight bit of lag on client machine
  • best not to use mouse on client machine
    • also a little laggy

2014 iMac software installs

  • homebrew
  • perlbrew
    • 5.34.0 installed
  • karabiner-elements

resurrected old 2014 imac workhorse today

  • using it as a second machine/slash 3rd monitor
  • I now have 3 monitors again
    • I now have 33,523,200 pixels at my command
      • way bigger than Putin's army
    • 2 5K monitors and an old thunderbolt display
    • you can never have enough screen real estate
  • it's actually pretty snappy
  • connected the computers using software that acts as a "virtual" KVM switch
  • this should open up more possibilities for me
  • maybe even better than having the 2nd machine in "target" mode
    • had target mode set up with old 2010 iMac
      • target mode not compatible with "newer" macs like my 2014 iMac
    • but now I can use this third machine for running tasks I wouldn't want bogging down my main machine
      • maybe smoke tests for perl
      • or for safari, a memory hog, on the old machine
      • or for note taking
        • share the files via icloud
          • or synology drive
  • upgrading old imac to latest versino of big sur
    • nearly 6 GB large
    • download speed is very slow
      • perhaps heavily throttled by apple?
  • and now I get to enjoy installing and configuring software for hours

Mac Studio: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • make studio ultra looks tempting as hell
    • lots of sticker shock, though
      • 4k starting price with no monitor
        • thought I do get a 10% vet disounted
        • so 3600
      • I could trade in my imac 2020 though...
        • apple will only give me $1500 for it
          • would bring cost down to 2100
          • if it were 2 grand I might be tempted
          • disappointing
            • the computer has lost almost 2/3rds of its value in just 18 months
              • that's nuts
          • going for well over $2500 on ebay
            • knock off maybe about $300 in fees
              • net $2200
        • and i'd be stuck wih just one crappy thunderbolt monitor
          • would have to spring for a new screen
            • about 1450 for their cheapest display
            • total package would be close to 4 grand with taxes
            • ugh, no
            • but I may
            • but wait, I have a used car I'm looking to sell
              • how much could I get for that?
  • other option is to get the one with the max chip
    • much more reasonably priced at two grand (to start)
    • with trade in, could get for just $300 after vet discount
      • extremely tempting
    • still have to buy a monitor
      • or coud just use the one crappy thunderbolt display
        • not really an option
    • however, that monitor could be used for newer computers I buy
      • so could end up saving me money
    • but would take a huge hit on storage space
      • 4 TB hard drive is $1200!
        • that's insane
    • $400 extra for memory upgrade to 64GB
      • what I have now but need much less for m1 chips
      • likely not needed
    • also still have the 2015 imac
      • could maybe get 4 or 500 hundred for it
      • which means I would only have to spend about $1000 out of pocket
        • $2200 with 4tb of storage
          • probably not needed
        • for a much faster computer
        • maybe slightly better screen
        • selling old imac would offset that down to about $1800
    • I could probably scale it back to a 1TB drive and get away with it
      • would save me $1000
    • far fewer ports than I need
      • would need to drop about $100 for adapters and such
    • other options is to live with just the thunderbolt display for a while
    • so (2399 + 1800) - 10% discount - 1500 trade-in = 2699
    • OK, after a lot of hemming an hawing, I'm not going to do this
  • going to wait another year or two
    • will be faster macs by then
    • what I have is perfectly fine

Galaxy Brain newsletter

Stack overflow question on inline perl raku module

Anderson Cooper on Stephen Colbert

  • talks about coomplications of covering war and what he think Putin is afraid of
  • Upshots:
    • it's hard collecting news during wartime
    • CNN is working hard
    • war is horrible
    • Russians are behaving badly
    • Putin is scared of an 80 year old womand protesting
      • sign of weakness and fear

Computering expert talks about why crypto is bullshit

  • Listened with half an ear to while coding
  • guest mentions podcast at end which sounds good
    • The Economict
      • Babbage is the name of the podcast
        • started to listen to it but fell asleep


Watching bill joy ted x talk from 2008

  • from 2008
  • seems like a bit of a doom an gloomer
    • but still named "joy"
  • civiliation is engaged in an asymmetric warfare against individual bad actors
    • because they have extraorindary amounts of power as a result of new tech tools
    • hard to stop bad actors
  • venture capitalist now
  • founded Sun microsystems
  • wrote vi text editor in 1976
  • concerned about future
    • climate change

What is Bill Joy up to now?

  • seems to have dropped off the map
  • looks like he's retired from venture capitalism
  • good chance he's disillusioned
    • seems to have gone silent on things
    • or could just be trying to enjoy the rest of his life
  • more recent video about crispr genetic tech

Tried out HackMD

  • collaborate with others using git markup
    • an idea I have long had
  • pretty impressive but a bit confusing
    • not easy to figure out how to create navigation between pages
  • editor kind of sucks
    • has a vim mode, but no key repeat
    • it most respects, much easier to work with vim
    • but can make it easier to add media
  • changes to documents are instant
  • you can allow anyone to make changes to docs
    • unsure how you might revert vandalism
  • integrates with github
    • unclear why this was built into their offering
      • do versioning?
        • if so, kind of kludgy as far as I can tell
          • doesn't seem to integrate in with live edits
    • can presumably get exported to a proper website from there
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