Decoding the Gurus


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What Is It?

  • It's primarily a podcast
  • Started in late 2020


  • Hosts are two researcher working in academia as professors

Matt Browne

  • psychologist
    • currently specializing in research about gambling addictions and public policy


Chris Kavnaugh

  • cultural anthropologist
    • researches ritualistic practices


What Do They Talk about?

  • Analyze popular figures in media who have acquired large followings with their sweeping worldviews
    • hosts refer to them as gurus
    • Mostly cover controversial individuals who promulgate psuedoscience and misinformation
    • Will occasionally cover individuals who have positive impac5
      • Carl Sagan
    • Also sometimes interview experts on specific topics
  • Frequent targets
    • Sam Harris
    • Bret Weinstein
    • Jordan Peterson
    • Joe Rogan
    • Eric Weinstein
  • Help audience members identify fake experts and false arguments and generally improve their ability to think critically about information

Highlights of Show

  • interview with Sam Harris
    • Came on the rebut Chris and Matt

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First published: January 30, 2022