Raku Programming Language

I haven't done much with Raku since about early February; not from lack of interest, but lack of time.

What Is Raku?

  • Fork/rewrite of the Perl programming language
  • Ambitious project launched in early 2000s
    • Goal is to be the programming language for the next 100 years
  • First release in 2015
  • Originally intended to be called Perl6
    • renamed in 2019

Why Raku?

  • Easy to learn and start using right away
    • The powerful tools in the language are kept hidden until you need them
  • Very powerful, flexible language
  • Very easy to create and distribute new modules
    • App::Mi6
      • Highly recommended for creating modules
  • Flexible
    • Can write in any common paradigm
      • procedural
      • object-oriented
      • functional
  • Has powerful, new features
    • Grammars
  • It's just fun to play around with and see what I can do with it

Raku-related Tech

  • Cro
    • a framework for building websites
    • written in Raku
    • have not used it yet but want to play with it
  • IDE development in Raku?
    • Raku IDE notes
    • One exists, called Comma
      • My comma notes
      • Just tried it out for 2 minutes
        • Initial impression is good
          • much faster than neovim
        • first thing I did is install the IdeaVim plug-in that gives me vim commands inside the IDE
      • downside
        • probably no way to integrate with tmux
    • I'd prefer to develop in neovim
      • unable to find a language server, however
      • syntax highlighting is atrociously slow
        • I turn it off for any file larger than like 50 lines
      • not sure how hard it is to build a language server
        • probably pretty tough

My Adventures with Raku to Date

  • Began learning the language in late Dec. 2021
  • Good, helpful community
    • IRC
    • On reddit
    • StackOverflow
      • my questions there get upvoted a lot
  • Community is working to get Raku off the ground
    • Thanks to everyone who has helped me and made me feel welcome
  • Going to begin writing some code for helping me manage my vimwiki
  • Still have much to learn
    • Learning functional programming style after years of using perl is bit of a mind-bender

Problems I've encounted

Ongoing project

Tips and Tutorials

My Raku questions on stackoverflow

My contributions to the cause

Module's I've Written

Other contributions


  • I've gotten a pull request to official documentation site for Raku
  • Got a PR pending to documentation


  • Made some PRs to some Raku modules
  • I try to help out in IRC if I can
    • so far, I can't help too much


Last updated: March 11, 2022 1:27 AM
First published: January 29, 2022